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Employment Law Attorneys

The attorneys at Moskow Law Group LLC are widely respected and known for our zealous advocacy. We bring our zeal to fight for the underdog to the employment arena where we have successfully represented clients who have been wrongfully terminated or who were discriminated against in the workplace.

Championing The Rights Of Employees

We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in cases involving wrongful termination, breach of contract and bad faith. Attorneys at our firm have also championed the rights of individuals suffering from employment discrimination based on age, color, disability, sex, sexual preference and nationality, as well as individuals who have been subjected to a hostile work environment. We also have significant experience representing medical professionals in work and residency-related matters – a highly specialized are of employment law.

Neal Moskow, the founder of Moskow Law Group LLC, has also represented whistleblowers: those brave individuals who face wrongful termination, or other adverse consequences, as a result of having challenged illegal and or unethical policies in the workplace. In the past, Attorney Moskow has worked with individuals in the pharmaceutical and medical/education fields to recover damages for our clients who were fired for trying to correct institutional problems.

Moskow Law Group LLC is often able to handle these types of cases on a contingency basis, meaning that you will only owe an attorneys’ fee if and when we recover for you.

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