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About Our Firm

Moskow Law Group LLC is a litigation boutique: this means that our focus is on trials and what it takes to win them.  We litigate product liability, personal injury, medical malpractice, employment, construction and commercial disputes in state and federal courts. Our mission is as simple as it is important: we fight hard for our clients; we right wrongs and we recover funds for those who deserve them.  And because we are litigating cases all day, every day, we are particularly well positioned to know when it makes sense to settle cases, too.  As a result, our clients have the opportunity to maximize recoveries and limit expenses, what we call a win-win scenario.

We were recently asked to provide three words that sum up the Moskow Law Group LLC, and we quickly responded with “Advocates, Compassionate and Integrity.”  Those three words are more than just some casual thought: they are the cornerstones on which this firm was formed. We are committed to vigorously advocating for our clients in all situations with both compassion and integrity.  Our clients come first. Always.

The team at Moskow Law Group LLC has more than 55 years of collective trial experience that we bring to the table – and the courtroom – every day.  Our lawyers have recovered Multiple Seven Figure Verdicts, many punitive damage awards and literally thousands of recoveries for both individual and corporate clients.  Our founder, Neal Moskow, has either led or been part of Ten mass tort trial teams, seven of which have gone to verdict and three of which resulted in juries finding that punitive damages should be awarded.  There are very few attorneys nationwide who have had this kind of mass tort trial involvement, and it is precisely this type of expertise that Moskow Law Group LLC brings to bear on all of the cases that we handle.

Because our focus is on litigation, we are in a unique position of being able to identify what cases should be pursued – and what cases should not.  As a result, we provide an initial free consultation for all matters – whether the ultimate attorneys’ fee will be based on a contingency (a percentage of the recovery) or hourly charges.  During the initial meeting we will assess your matter, the likelihood of success and estimate the cost to achieve your desired result.  While we aim to provide effective and economical legal services, in many cases, the costs will be so high that we’ll recommend against hiring our firm.  Frankly, the Moskow Law Group’s willingness to turn away work that would benefit us but not our clients is a hallmark of the “compassionate integrity” that we are so proud of.

With all of this talk about litigation, you might think that we don’t settle cases – but that’s not true.  In fact, because we are willing to litigate to the bitter end we often are in a position where we don’t have to. Lawyers and clients on the other side often look to resolve cases with us early in the process simply because of our involvement: in many cases, it is our willingness to put our clients’ interests first that means that an early settlement makes sense.  In other cases, we settle at the courthouse door, and even when the jury is out.  The bottom line is that we do what it takes to get the best result for our clients.  And because of that approach to litigation and settlement, Firm Founder Neal Moskow is now a highly sought after neutral in mediations and arbitrations.  Attorney Moskow has mediated personal injury, sexual abuse, construction, commercial, employment, landlord-tenant and other types of disputes, and sits as an arbitrator as well.  The unique perspective of representing clients on all sides of matters – plaintiff, defendant, mediator/facilitator and even acting as the “neutral judge” – helps all of clients get the best results and increases the value of their cases in terms of both recovery and the cost of legal services.

At the end of the day, it’s all about those three words: we ADVOCATE for our clients with COMPASSION and INTEGRITY.